Vintage Fabrics – New beginnings for used items

The new trend using vintage fabrics for brand new designs are pleasing us on several levels at the same time -: It is teaching us how to accept and appreciate imperfections and history in our clothing and bags and It also highlights the importance of donating our used clothing to possibly help new items to be reinvented.

These fabrics have been used in other parts of the world- some of them might even be antiques.

For Spring 2012 typically Bali or India or Morocco have been favored and fabrics have been washed before production -but still -they do show signs of their previous life ; Brown spots and bright little color bleeds after washing…this is their Patina.This is what life does to the surface of just about anything on our planet. I could have said time and been more accurate but I feel life is what pass over everything more interestingly and telling than just time; theoretically one could lock up a piece of fabric in a room and take it out after 50 years and just time passing over it would leave it pretty much the same … Juniper Galaxy celebrates beauty every day that pass over us and all the beautiful ways that fashion empower and inspire us and makes us feel happy.

At Juniper Galaxy we have currently 2 bags available made from vintage fabric-The Sedona Bag from Sophia Costas and the Liana Carpet bag from Motif 56

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Fall Arrives Unusually Early

New Fall Shipments from Byron Lars Beauty Mark

Notoriously beloved by Michelle Obama, these designs are perfect to flatter and surprise you, regardless of how you feel about the economy…
Stop by Juniper Galaxy for deep discounts on this season’s hottest new dresses, skirts, blouses & more!
Mention the secret word Michelle and get an extra 10% off anything in the store.

Don’t feel Blue; Look for Blue

Don’t Feel Blue that Summer is almost over; Yes it is getting darker when you walk home from work and that morning run is not quite as bright as it was ; But there is a light in the brewing darkness… Juniper Galaxy is now having the Blue Dot Sale: So feel blue if you must, but at the same time save 50% on everything marked with a blue dot. The Blue Dot does not mean its over..Nooo !!!  Its never quite over in fashion…Kirsten insists that by the time it gets cold outside ” 2012 Resort wear”  will be in all her favorite stores and her mind will be occupied -when not looking busy- thinking about mini trips to a warmer climates… Here is a scarf with a Blu Dot from our favorite designer Sophia Costas !

Enjoy the last of white; Look ahead !

Some of the best trends in Fall is the flickering small prints on thin silk fabrics like Kirsten reflected on yesterday. Just like metallic gold and silver tops and bottoms prints are best enjoyed in moderation: because they create so much movement it can take away from our faces and what we are saying.. But in moderation these two fabrics are some of our Juniper Galaxy  favorites for Fall along with asymmetric shapes. Here one of our favorite Danish brands ( Rutzou ) are demonstrating how it can work-Love the brown foot wear ! Look for peasant shaped blouses and wear a nude silk tight camisoles under -Like Acrobat silk basics that we have at Juniper Galaxy or Tight Cotton Tanks like Stephanie B Pima cotton tanks that we also carry in more than 10 colors… Enjoy your summer white and prepare to look ahead for fall at Juniper Galaxy !


Kirsten remembers The Illustrated Man

Now that Kirsten is over the the trauma of hurricane Irene- she easily falls into thoughts…Standing in the window at Juniper Galaxy. Could she get her naked body painted by Andy Golub like Zoe West did today. Kirsten remembers in 1951 when Ray Bradbury wrote the Illustrated Man ( Mannequins memory goes way back.. ) The Illustrated man’s body was like rich fabrics in the most beautiful patterns : it could be pulsating with images inspiring us all just like a new exiting collection can inspire us every season. This season Kirsten is dreaming about beautiful fabrics and strong colors something to take our minds of our everyday troubles and lift our spirits towards a higher state of inspiration and hope.

Luckily not made of sugar..

After the storm cleared we found that we still have some adorable children’s wear left. It could have melted away in the rain but for two factors that saved the durable little items; one they did not get wet and two they where after all not made of sugar… Even they look so sweet!

We will keep the sweetness of Bobinette and Saurette and Ses Petites Mains in the store for another week.. To give you a chance to check it out without Irene breathing down our necks…So stop on in on your way down Bond Street. Our local Tibbi also survived the storm and is ready to give kisses to anyone tall or small…

Not too late for a garden party ?

Dear Friends,

We’re taking advantage of our garden and the beautiful weather to present you with 3 of the hottest up and coming children’s designers. Meet the designers, talk to them about their work and enjoy a glass of wine. Bobinette, Saurette and Ses Petites Mains will show collections for children ages 0-8. As always, pricing will be unbelievably low.
Come to the opening reception & stock presale on Thursday, August 25th for the best selection!
See you in the garden!

Juniper Galaxy presents a Children’s Fashion Designers Showcase



Opening Reception August 25, 2011


Sale Continues August 26-28
at Juniper Galaxy Brooklyn
82 Bond Street
(between Atlantic Ave & State Street)
Childrens Designers