2 Reasons to wear Winter Whites

Nothing is more beautiful and uplifting than the whites in winter collections. Winter cream items stands out as a ray of soft optimism among the overwhelmingly dark colors we see right now. Especially In a time when all the dark hues of Winter 2011 seems to resonate with our nations current out look- a bit dark-followed by a cautious sense of happiness. Winter Whites are like that positive focus that takes us back, to our appreciation of happiness and our choice to show optimism in our daily lives . We seek out both Happiness and Winter Whites at Juniper Galaxy.

Wear your Cream in Woven or crinkled fabrics and pair with textured brown leather boots and bright knits in Purple or Salmon. This season bring in the fake diamonds – or the real ones if you dare to wear ..Kirsten has it all in one dress…Naturally !

Here Kirsten is shoving our Cream Wool KAS dress currently on sale at Juniper Galaxy and I have added a few boots ( to this blog ) to inspire you !!

Juniper Galaxy : Integrity . Customer Service. Great Prices





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