Vintage Fabrics – New beginnings for used items

The new trend using vintage fabrics for brand new designs are pleasing us on several levels at the same time -: It is teaching us how to accept and appreciate imperfections and history in our clothing and bags and It also highlights the importance of donating our used clothing to possibly help new items to be reinvented.

These fabrics have been used in other parts of the world- some of them might even be antiques.

For Spring 2012 typically Bali or India or Morocco have been favored and fabrics have been washed before production -but still -they do show signs of their previous life ; Brown spots and bright little color bleeds after washing…this is their Patina.This is what life does to the surface of just about anything on our planet. I could have said time and been more accurate but I feel life is what pass over everything more interestingly and telling than just time; theoretically one could lock up a piece of fabric in a room and take it out after 50 years and just time passing over it would leave it pretty much the same … Juniper Galaxy celebrates beauty every day that pass over us and all the beautiful ways that fashion empower and inspire us and makes us feel happy.

At Juniper Galaxy we have currently 2 bags available made from vintage fabric-The Sedona Bag from Sophia Costas and the Liana Carpet bag from Motif 56

Juniper Galaxy : Integrity . Customer Service. Great Prices 


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