Juniper Galaxy Joins Groupon

Juniper Galaxy decided to get on the Groupon train of “collective buying power.” The whole concept of Groupon is actually quite fascinating. As a Groupon member, you receive a daily email with discounts for local and popular businesses in your neighborhood. You buy a gift certificate for the deal you want and when the minimum amount of people sign up for the same deal (collective buying), the gift certificate is approved and can be used for up to 6 months! Despite the awesome discounts, Groupon is also an excellent way to discover new and local businesses. With Juniper Galaxy’s Groupon deal, you buy a $35 gift card and get $75 store credit! With our impressive collection of European and American designs along with a plethora of fancy hats, bags, and jewelry –  we’re sure you wont have any trouble finding something special. So do yourself a favor and keep a look out for our feature in the daily deals!

Next stop, SAVINGS.


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